They will not represent themselves ...


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They will not represent themselves ...

ISBN: 9781616273668

Auteur: Hassouna Mansouri

leveranciercode: ISBISB

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I was busy with the publication of my previous book The Confiscated Image (October 2010) and its distribution when the revolution started in North Africa and was spread to the Middle East and even to the Golf. I could witness how the world was suddenly looking at these millions of young people deciding to change their lives and force the world to change the way it looks at these societies. Suddenly, those who were not seen were at the front pages of the newspapers of the whole world...
Sometimes, I wish I could be naïf and believe in the way Jean-Paul Sartre and Frantz Fanon interpreted the Marxism by willing to transpose the role of the proletariat to the farmer of the South. Cornelius Castoriadis also dreamed about such a magic solution to the world's crisis. When we see how things are changing in societies like those of Tunisia and Egypt in January 2011, and later in other countries of North Africa and the Middle East, we could be more willing to make such a dream...