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The Captain and the wars of the Rif


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The Captain and the wars of the Rif

ISBN: 9781616274184

leveranciercode: ISBISB

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The book includes two parts, the first part talks about the revolution of Abou Hmara and his war in the south, and the second part was devoted to the wars of the Rif since its beginning to the surrender of Mohammed Bnou Abdl Krim to the French forces, and the way how the author A.Bourjila surrendered himself to the Spanish forces.
Bloody events in the both parts , and details about a man who participated in the wars among the mountains of the Rif. He used the style of description and documentation to give a definition of the resistance in the Rif, and informations about the besiege rebellious Raïssouni and his detention, also the bombing of Chefchaouen with toxic bombs, the writer was injured there until a doctor from Fès treated him.
His biography is long, so difficult to restrict it in one page, the book contains accurate informations about the resistance in the Rif, the revolution of Abou Hmara, and champions who knew the gunpowder language and showed high national spirits.