Scared no more


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Scared no more

ISBN: 9781616270803

Auteur: Daz Daz

leveranciercode: ISBISB

€ 15,98 incl. btw

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"Scared no more"
A tale of being lost and found...
Book 3 in "Scared".
On the day Bliss hits her sweet 16, she gets a weird book from her dad called "Scared"...
Her life will never be the same again!
More info about the Project "Scared" :
This project has surpassed all my aspirations. What began as a simple try to write a novel instead of just 'short stories', has shaped my world for a decade now. However, this is volume 3 of "Scared" and supposed to be the closing of the trilogy but through the years I've bonded so much with them that I simply can't say goodbye. The tale hit off with "Scared alone" where I met them and then in "Scared & Tainted" they took me into their world. "Scared no more" made me realize what an impact life can have on you. So, please join me on the quest of a boy to belong somewhere...