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"The world of our grandchildren"


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"The world of our grandchildren"

ISBN: 9789461537447

Auteur: Bert Koene

leveranciercode: CBHAST

€ 18,95 incl. btw

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The future looks brighter than most people think! That is the conclusion of this book after a thorough investigation of present facts, trends and promises of science and technology.

The world population will soon stop growing. The consequences of climate change will be far-reaching, but surmountable. Science and technology will, in the 21st century, make enormous progress. They are the shaping forces of the future. This book clearly explains the potential benefits and dangers of innovations from many areas of research. Special attention is paid to the question whether and how mankind will try to improve itself beyond its natural capacities.

The author is by profession a physicist. He worked at CERN and other research institutes in Europe and North America. His present primary interest is in historical research.